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21-22 June 2019   |     Patras, Greece  

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The number of patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is increasing worldwide every year, so do patients on Hemodialysis. Vascular access maintenance is of paramount impor¬tance for these patients. Within the last ten years there is increasing interest, technological advancements and evidence to support the en¬dovascular first approach for the treatment of dysfunctional and thrombosed vascular access, together with tunneled catheter insertion and last option salvage procedures, while lately the ability of endovascular vascular access creation is gaining increasing interest further extending the service endovascular specialists can provide to hemodialysis patients.

E.V.A. (Endo Vascular Access) Meeting will be an annual, multidisciplinary, highly scientific meeting with a strategic purpose of training and educating physicians on endovascular proce-dures performed in Hemodialysis. The meeting will hold sessions on dysfunctional access treatment, thrombectomy procedures, central venous catheters, central venous stenosis treatment, no-option patient procedures, immature fistulae treatment, science in the background, trial updates together with fundamental courses on u/s mapping, and clinical evaluation of dialysis access. Live cases will also be part of the program. Additionally, EVA aims to bring scientists together in order to design studies and provide data to the scientific community. For that, there will be “We Hear You” sessions, inviting scientists to discuss “Hot Topics” on Dialysis come up with conclusions design studies and will also provide “Manuscript Writing” course.

Meeting will include participants for Europe, Middle East and Asia. E.V.A. Meeting attendees can be interventional radiologists, nephrologists, vascular surgeons and physicians with an interest in endovascular dialysis access treatment.

Inaugural event will be a 2-day meeting starting on Friday, June 21st, 2019 in Patras. Patras is situated in the South-West of Greece, 200km from Athens International Airport. The venue is the Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras.

Endo Vascular Access

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