Submit your interesting case in vascular access.
The case could be an intervention in an arteriovenous fistula, graft, central venous catheter that was performed endovascularly and had a successful result. Follow up is desirable.
Only cases coming from the European and Mediterranean region will be accepted.
The best 5 cases will be presented in the “Amazing Interventions” session during the EVA Meeting 2, that will be held in Patras, Greece on June 24-25, 2022. As a member of the faculty, the Meeting will cover the traveling, accommodation for 3 nights and the registration.

Deadline for submission is March 15th, 2022

Send your files via wetransfer in the following mail address :

Should you require any information/assistance please contact us at

Results will be announced on March 31st, 2022

Committee for evaluation of the submitted cases will be:

  1. Prof. Dimitrios Karnabatidis
  2. Assoc. Professor Konstantinos Katsanos
  3. Asst. Professor Panagiotis Kitrou

Please provide your personal Information:

  1. Full name and surname
  2. Affiliation
  3. Current position
  4. Email and Mobile number

Technical Requirements:

  1. Please submit a Word file of up to 250 words describing the case and rationalizing the intervention
  2. Please submit as a PowerPoint file including all images and preferably embedded videos as applicable
  3. Please include a slide with Conflicts of Interest statement
  4. Please start with 1-2 slides outlining past medical history and any relevant previous interventions
  5. Please include one slide with relevant teaching points and take-home messages
  6. Maximum number of slides allowed is 20 for a total presentation time of max 7 minutes
  7. Follow-up if available will provide extra points and is desirable