The 2nd EVA (Endo Vascular Access) Meeting is a multidisciplinary meeting focusing on the endovascular management of vascular access. It is a 2-day meeting taking place in Patras University Campus in Greece on June 24-25, 2022. Meeting’s faculty is a multidisciplinary one including nephrologists,interventional nephrologists, vascular surgeons, and interventional radiologists and a multi-national one with speakers from Europe the United States, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific regions. Its aim is to bring doctors with an interest in vascular access management together, discuss the latest updates, innovations and unmet needs in this interesting and demanding field. The meeting will include 19 sessions and 3 live cases from the Interventional Radiology Department of Patras University Hospital. The sessions will include the latest data on trial updates, endoAVF management, guidelines update, a session dedicated to cephalic arch, an out-of-the-box session, innovation on ESKD, vascular access imaging and central venous catheters. Additionally, the program will include two controversy sessions on paclitaxel-coated balloons and on devices used for stenosis treatment. Meeting directors will have an “Amazing Interventions” contest for junior doctors performing endovascular procedures in vascular access. The best 5 most interesting cases will get a free registration to the meeting together with all the expenses needed for traveling and accommodation covered. EVA Meeting welcomes this year a collaboration with 3 other major congresses. The CiDA (Controversies in Dialysis Access) congress from the United States, the DASy (Dialysis Access synergy) congress by the SoDAS (Society of Dialysis Access Specialists) from the Asia-Pacific region and the PAIRS (Pan-Arabic Interventional Radiology Society) congress from the Middle East. There will be three 45-minute “@EVA” sessions dedicated to these congresses.

DAY 1Friday, June 24th
08.16-08.23 Welcome Introduction - D. Karnabatidis (GR), K. Katsanos (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
08.24-08.59What is New and Interesting in Vascular Access
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
The Nephrologist’s viewC. Lok (CA)
The Vascular Surgeon’s view R. Coscas (FR)
The Interventional Radiologist’s view A. Holden (NZ)*
Unmet Needs Z. Haskal (USA)
Panel: G. Sengoelge (AT), J. Ho Pei (SG), K.Katsanos (GR)
09.10-10.10 Trial Updates
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), K.Katsanos (GR)
The Ellipsys Vascular Access System Post-Market Surveillance Study Protocol
H. Wasse (USA)
The CONNECT AV Post-Market Studies Protocol
N. Inston (UK)
The AVENEW Clinical Study
B. Dolmatch (USA)
First Clinical Experience With a New Cell-Impermeable Endoprosthesis
J. Gilbert (UK)
The EVA Drop StudyG. Georgopoulou (GR)
The IN.PACT AV Study
A. Holden (NZ)*
The ABISS Trial
R. Coscas (FR)
The VOLA studyS. Spiliopoulos (GR)
10.11-10.56 Company Symposium – Concept Medical
10.57-11.17 Coffee Break
11.18-11.53Kidney Transplantation
Moderators: D. Goumenos (GR), I. Maroulis (GR)
Global Overview Unmet Needs
N. Karydis (GR)
Artificial Kidneys and Xenotransplantation
N. Inston (UK)
Kidney Transplantation and Remaining Vascular Access
J. Gilbert (UK)
Panel: J. Ibeas (SP), S. Kakkos (GR), M.Gallieni (IT)
11.54-12.49Percutaneous AVF Creation
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), D. Karnabatidis (GR)
Patient Selection
N. Inston (UK)
Which Questions Have Been Answered Regarding EndoAVF, Based on the Evidence so farR. Coscas (FR)
What is Still Missing Regarding EndoAVF, Based on the Evidence so farR. Jones (UK)
Natural History of a RF-Based EndoAVF (case)
D. Rajan (CA)
Natural History of a Thermal-Based EndoAVF (case)
R. Shahverdyan (DE)
Percutaneous Vs. Surgical AVF - Problems in Establishing an Algorithm

T. Steinke (DE)
Panel: M. Papasotiriou (GR), K. Katsanos (GR), R. Loffroy (FR)
12.50-13.20CiDA @ EVA
Case DiscussionB. Dolmatch (USA)
Panel: J. Ho Pei (SG), A. Al Sibaie (UAE), N. Karunanithy (UK), R. Jones (UK), J. Gilbert (UK), Karnabatidis (GR)
13.21-14.06 Company Symposium - BD
14.07-14.47 Lunch Break
14.48-15.33Amazing Interventions Competition (supported by an educational grant from BD)
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), K. Katsanos (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
Covered Stent to the RescueR. Jones (UK)
Total Endovascular Cephalic Jugular or Cephalic Subclavian Bypass by Using the Persistent Jugulocephalic Vein and Collateral PathwaysT. Steinke (DE)
SVC and Pulmonary Embolism Due to Temporary CVC: Thromboaspiration Strategy and Early Cannulation Bridge to AVFV. Palermo (IT)
Unusual Rescue of a Pre-implanted Venous StentG. Falcone (IT)
15.34-16.14The “Arch” [Live Case - M. Theofanis (GR)]
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), M. Tozzi (IT)
Anatomical Considerations
Z. Haskal (USA)
ASDIN White Paper on the Management of Cephalic Arch Stenosis
H. Wasse (USA)
To “COVER” or not to “COVER” stentR. Jones (UK)
The Vascular surgeon’s view
D. Shemesh (IL)
Panel: J.M. Abadal (SP), T. Steinke (DE), S. Trerotola (USA)
16.15-16.43Paclitaxel-Coated Balloon Controversy
Moderators: K. Katsanos (GR), S. Trerotola (USA)
There is Homogeneity of Data in Vascular Access and Data Should be Pooled
R. Loffroy (FR)
There is Heterogeneity of Data in Vascular Access and Data Should not be Pooled
P. Kitrou (GR)
Panel: Z. Haskal (USA), D. Karnabatidis (GR)
16.44-17.14PAIRS @ EVA
Moderator: A. Al Sibaie (UAE)
Reviving the Dead AVF in Abu Dhabi
J. Alkoteesh (UAE)

Transhepatic Tunneled Dialysis Catheters – Application: When All Other Access FailK. Abdeltawab (EG)
Tips and Tricks in EndoAVFA. Kamel (USA)
Rare But Serious Complications of Vascular AccessA. Al Sibaie (UAE)
17.15-18.15Editor Writing Club by Ziv Haskal (USA)
DAY 2Saturday, June 25th
08.00-08.40Out of the Box
Moderators: A. Al Sibaie (UAE), K. Katsanos (GR)
Radiological Costo-Clavicular BypassJ. Hull (USA)*
Inside-Out Approach T. Steinke (DE)
Sharp Recanalization TechniqueD. Rajan (CA)
Outflow VeinsM. Theofanis (GR)
Panel: D. Karnabatidis (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
08.41-09.41 The Way Ahead
Moderators: S. Trerotola (USA), P. Kitrou (GR)
Olimus Family. A Novel Drug Coating for DCBs in AV Access? K. Katsanos (GR)
Omics of Central Venous Stenosis in ESKDH. Wasse (USA)
Wearables. Next Level of Surveillance?B. Dolmatch (USA)
Home DialysisM. Aragon (USA)
Dialysis Access Maturation. Is There a Way Ahead?E. Papachristou (GR)
Percutaneous AVF Creation. New Player in the Game?L. Patrone (IT)
Panel: M. Gallieni (Italy), A. Giannoukas (GR), D. Shemesh (IL)
09.42-10.12DASy @ EVA
Moderator: J. Ho Pei (SG)
Strategies for Managing Symptomatic Central Vein Stenosis in TaiwanP.J. Ko (TW)*
Salvage of Thrombosed HD Access With Heavy Thrombus LoadJ. Ho Pei (SG)
10.13-10.58Company Symposium - Medtronic
10.59-11.19Coffee Break
11.20-12.05Failing to Treat the Failing Vascular Access
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), B. Dolmatch (USA)
Failed Recanalization of a Thrombosed BCAVF due to Crashed Central Venous StentY. Al Zahrani (KSA)
A Routine Thrombectomy That Failed – Accept it or Do Better Next Time?N. Karunanithy (UK)
Access With Central Vein StenosisP.J. Ko (TW)*
When Plans A and B Fail, you Don’t Want to Compromise Plan CF. Gryffroy (BE)
Panel: Shahverdyan (DE), A. Kamel (USA)
12.06-12.51 Declotting Opportunities in the Spotlight [Live Case – M. Theofanis (GR)]
Moderators: A. Giannoukas (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
Mechanical Thrombectomy
S. Heller (CZ)
LAB Thrombectomy
P. Kitrou (GR)
Thrombolytic Agents. Do they play a role?
M. Krokidis (GR)
Surgical Thrombectomy
G. Georgiadis (GR)
Panel: D. Karnabatidis (GR), S. Spiliopoulos (GR), Y. Al Zahrani (KSA)
12.52-13.37Company Symposium - GORE
13.38-14.18Dialysis Vascular Access. Clinical Overview
Moderators: M. Papasotiriou (GR), G. Georgiadis (GR)
Clinical Examination. Tips & Tricks
G. Sengolge (AT)
Which Imaging Modality & When
E. Kehagias (GR)
Clinical Evaluation of Dysfunctional Dialysis Access
K. Moulakakis (GR)
Clinical Disasters
M. Tozzi (IT)
Panel: E. Papachristou (GR), N. Inston (UK), D. Rajan (CA)
14.19-14.59Lunch Break
15.00-15.45 Guidelines Updates on Vascular Access Treatment
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), N. Karunanithy (UK)
ERA-EDTAM. Papasotiriou (GR)
C. Lok (CA)
A UK Expert Consensus Approach for Managing Symptomatic AVF Stenosis
R. Jones (UK)
There is Consensus Between Guidelines
J. Ibeas (SP)
There is No Consensus Between Guidelines
M. Gallieni (IT)
Panel: H. Wasse (USA), J. Gilbert (UK), M. Krokidis (GR)
15.46-16.31Imaging in Hemodialysis
Moderators: Ch. Kalogeropoulou (GR), J.M. Abadal (SP)
Non-Contrast Enhanced MRA. A New “Healthy” Tool?
M. M. Karachaliou (GR)
Intra-Vascular Ultrasound in AV access. Advantages and Limitations
N. Karunanithy (UK)
Ultrasound Will Give You All the Details You Need
S. Spiliopoulos (GR)
Digital Subtraction Angiography. Can it Stand Alone?
A. Kamel (USA)
Panel: Z. Haskal (USA), B. Dolmatch (USA), K. Katsanos (GR)
16.32-17.12Vascular Access Stenosis Treatment Controversy
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), J. Ho Pei (SG)
What did Covered Stents Offered to TreatmentK. Katsanos (GR)
Paclitaxel-Coated Balloons. Still Debatable?A. Kamel Abdel Aal (USA)
High-Pressure Balloons Make all the Difference
S. Trerotola (USA)
It’s all About Sheaths, Wires and Catheters
J. M. Abadal (SP)
Panel: R. Loffroy (FR), M. Tozzi (IT)
17.13-18.00 Central Venous Catheters
Moderators: E. Papachristou (GR), S. Kakkos (GR)
CVC related stenosis. How Common, How to TreatJ. Ho Pei (SG)
Tricks are in the “Tips”?G. Bamichas (GR)
Antibiotics. Chemoprophylaxis and Infection TreatmentM. Maragkos (GR)
Last Option CVC PlacementG. Sengolge (AT)
Panel: H. Wasse (USA), N. Karunanithy (UK), C. Lok (CA)