EVA Meeting 2024 Program

Friday, June 14th, 2024
09.00-09.15Arrival-Registration15 min
09.15-09.23Welcome Introduction7 min
09.24-09.54Plenary Talk30 min, 10 min Talks
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
What Happened and What to Expect in Vascular AccessD. Rajan (CA)
Panel: R. Jones (UK), M. G.J. Snoeijs (NL)*, M. Papasotiriou(GR)
09.55-11.05Trial Updates70 min, 7 min Talks
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), K. Katsanos (GR)
First Time Data Release. The Lutonix Real World Registry with IDE CriteriaD. Karnabatidis (GR)
Endo AVF 2.0S. Balamuthusamy (USA)*
Tight Junctions in Hemodialysis Access Vascular WallN. Giannikas (GR)
A New Functional Endpoint for AVF Angioplasty. The VOLA 2 StudyI. Giannikouris (GR)
Vascular Access Management. Clinical and Cost-benefit ImplicationsM. Tozzi (IT)
Lessons from the AVeNEW: The Disconnect between TLP and ACPB. Dolmatch (USA)
A Brazilian Multicenter Study of a CIE for Vascular Access Outflow StenosisT. Barroso (BR)
New Endograf for the Treatment of Dysfunctional Vascular Access. L. Harduin (BR)
Panel: P. Kitrou (GR), O. Jaffer (UK)
11.06-11.26Company Symposium20 min
11.27-12.12Upcoming Vascular Access Guidelines45 min, 7 min Talks
Moderators: K. Katsanos (GR), M. Papasotiriou (GR)
Brazilian Vascular Access GuidelinesL. Harduin (BR)
ESVS Vascular Access Guidelines (Upcoming)R. Coscas (FR)*
CIRSE SOP Document for Vascular Access (Upcoming) P. Kitrou (GR)
Spanish Vascular Access Guidelines (Upcoming)J. Ibeas (SP)
Panel: T. Clark (USA), M. Krokidis (GR)
12.13-12.43Coffee Break30 min
12.44-13.44Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula Creation60 min, 7 min Talks
Moderators: M. Wasse (USA), D. Karnabatidis (GR)
Path from Creation to MaturationA. Kamel (USA)
Differences in treating a dysfunctional percutaneous AVF compared to surgicalG. Gabbani (IT)
Thrombectomy of percutaneous AVFR. Jones (UK)
Pavf creation: wavelinqD. Rajan (CA)
Lessons Learnt - Know your Anatomy!O. Jaffer (UK)
Panel: S. Spiliopoulos (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
13.45-14.05Company Symposium20 min
14.06-14.46Ultrasound in Vascular Access40 min, 7 min Talks
Moderators: J. Ibeas (SP), O. Romanos (GR)
Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)M. Tozzi (IT)
Intra-operative Ultrasound Assessment and Decision MakingS. Spiliopoulos (GR)
The Future Role of Ultrasound in Vascular AccessJ.M. Abadal (SP)
Panel: R. Jones (UK), G. Gabbani (IT), I. Giannikouris (GR)
14.47-15.37Lunch Break50 min
15.38-16.18Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Chat Engines: Will They Have a Role in Vascular Access?40 min, 7 min Talks
Moderators: C. Lok (CA), B. Dolmatch (USA)
ForJ. Ibeas (SP)
AgainstZ. Haskal (USA)
ForS. Balamuthusamy (USA)*
AgainstM. Krokidis (GR)
Panel: K. Katsanos (GR), S. Lojo (SP)
16.19-16.39Company Symposium20 min
16.40-17.30The “Spotlight”: Balloon-Assisted Maturation for Arteriovenous Fistulas50 min, 10 min Talks
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), K. Katsanos (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
Saturday, June 15th, 2024
09.00-10.15Morbidity & Mortality Cases in Vascular Access75 min, 10 min Talks
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
Nonmaturing basilic vein transposition fistulaT. Clark (USA)
Another Reason BMS Are Bad in HD Access (as if we needed more)S. Trerotola (USA)
Mind the GapK. Katsanos (GR)
Too hard To fightG. Gabbani (IT)
Einstein was WrongS. Spiliopoulos (GR)
Panel: H. Wasse (USA), S. Aronhime (IL)
10.16-11.16The Way Ahead60 min, 8 min Talks
Moderators: D. Petras (GR), E. Papachristou (GR)
Vascular Access MonitoringB. Dolmatch (USA)
Updates in Stenosis TreatmentM. G.J. Snoeijs (NL)*
Thrombectomy OptionsA. Kamel (USA)
Surgical AdvancementsR. Shahverdyan (DE)*
EndoAVfH. Wasse (USA)
Before Going to DialysisC. Lok (CA)
Panel: S. Aronhime (IL), N. Karydis (GR), E. Kechagias (GR)
11.17-11.47VASBI @ EVA30 min Talks
Moderator: R. Jones (UK), O.Jaffer (UK)
11.48-12.39Coffee Break50 min
12.39-13.30How I do it50 min, 10 min Talks
Moderators: K. Katsanos (GR), S. Spiliopoulos (GR)
Sharp RecanalizationS. Aronhime (IL)
Removing a Central Venous CatheterT. Clark (USA)
Mega AVF Percutaneous ThrombectomyZ. Haskal (USA)
Panel: B. Dolmatch (USA), A. Kamel (USA), J.M. Abadal (SP)
13.31-14.22Amazing Interventions50 min, 7 min Talks
Moderators: Z. Haskal (USA), J.M. Abadal (SP)
Endovascular SuperficializationS. Aronhime (IL)
Covered CVCP. Dimopoulos (GR)
If there is a Will, There is an AccessS. Lojo (SP)
The Road to NowhereO. Jaffer (UK)
Complete atrioventricular block: To intervene yes, but which intervention?E. Kechagias (GR)
Panel: S. Trerotola (GR), T. Barroso (BR)
14.23-15.33Lunch Break70 min
15.34-16.14Going Surgical. Dos, Don’ts and the Future40 min, 10 min Talks
Moderators: L. Harduin (BR), P. Kitrou (GR)
Transposition & ElevationT. Barroso (BR)
AneurysmorraphyM. G.J. Snoeijs (NL)*
Innovations in Anastomosis CreationN. Karydis (GR)
Panel: M. Tozzi (IT), J. Ibeas (SP)
16.15-17.15Mentoring by H. Wasse & C. Lok60 min