EVA Meeting 2023 Program

DAY 1Friday, June 23rd, 2023
08.15-08.23Welcome Introduction
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), K. Katsanos (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
08.24-09.09What is New and Interesting in Vascular Access
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
The Nephrologist’s view
H. Wasse (USA)
The Vascular Surgeon’s view
R. Shahverdyan (DE)
The Interventional Radiologist’s View
J.M. Abadal (SP)
Unmet Needs
A. Kamel (USA)
Panel: K. Katsanos (GR), C. Lok (CA), N. Karydis (GR)
09.10-10.10Trial Updates
Moderators: K. Katsanos (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
The FAME Study
I. Giannikouris (GR)
The ABISS trial
R. Coscas (FR)*
The WRAP Registry
D. Rajan (CA)
LTX Global AV. The AVF Cohort
D. Karnabatidis (GR)
aXess-FIH Clinical Study
M. Tozzi (IT)
Single-Center Experience of the Inside-Out Technique for Central Venous Stenosis
G. Sengoelge (AU)
Results From the Use of a New Covered Stent for the Treatment of Vascular Access
L. Harduin (BR)
The SAVE trial
K. Katsanos (GR)
10.11-10.41Company Symposium
10.42-11.27The Patient in Kidney Replacement Therapy
Moderators: H. Wasse (USA), P. Kitrou (GR)
AVACS: A New Measure for Vascular Access
C. Lok (CA)
Patient’s Perspective
V. Papageorgiou (GR)
Patient’s Perspective
P. West (UK)
Panel: N. Karydis (GR), N. Inston (UK), G. Sengoelge (AU)
11.28-11.48Coffee Break
11.49-12.25Home Dialysis
Moderators: E. Papachristou (GR), S. Balamuthusamy (USA)
Dialysis at Home. Global Overview and Financial Considerations
G. Sengoelge (AU)
Home Dialysis is the Future
M. Aragon (USA)
Home Dialysis Will Never be Established
M. Gallieni (IT)
Panel: H. Wasse (USA), J. Ibeas (SP), C. Lok (CA)
12.26-12.56Company Symposium
12.57-13.57Percutaneous AVF Creation
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), C. Lok (CA)
Where do we stand?
N. Inston (UK)
More patients are eligible for a Thermal-based AVF
R. Shahverdyan (DE)
More patients are eligible for a RF-based AVF
D. Rajan (CA)
Secondary Interventions Case Sharing in Thermal-based AVFs
J. Hull (USA)
Secondary Interventions Case Sharing in RF-based AVFs
T. Steinke (DE)
I Would Still Prefer a Gracz Fistula
F. Gryffroy (BE)
Panel: Y. Al Zahrani (KSA), G. Falcone (IT), L. Novosel (CR)
13.58-14.38Lunch Break
14.39-15.09Congreso GEMAV @ EVA
Moderators: J. Ibeas (SP)
Artificial Intellingence and VA
J. Ibeas (SP)
15.10-15.40The “Spotlight”
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), K. Katsanos (GR), S. Spiliopoulos (GR)*, P. Kitrou (GR)
DELPHI Consensus on Volume Flow Measurements in Vascular Access
15.41-16.26Vascular Access Thrombosis
Moderators: Z. Haskal (USA), D. Rajan (CA)
Established Debulking Devices
L. Novosel (CR)
Devices Used in Other Vascular Beds. Can they Provide a Solution?
O. Jaffer(UK)
Declotting Mega Fistulas
M. Tozzi (IT)
Radial Access. Is it better?
A. Farkas (IL)
Antiplatelets and Anticoagulants During and After Thrombectomy. Do they play a role?
E. Kehagias (GR)
Panel: P. Kitrou (GR), A. Kamel (USA), L Harduin (BR)
16.27-16.57Company Symposium
16.58-17.48Ultrasound in Vascular Access
Moderators: E. Konstantatou (GR), N. Karunanithy (UK)
Surgical and Percutaneous AVF Screening
O. Jaffer (UK)
US Assessment of Stenotic Types and US-guided Endovascular Procedures
J.M. Abadal (SP)
Volume Flow. Is This the Ultimate Tool?
S. Spiliopoulos (GR)*
POCUS in Nephrology
G. Georgopoulou (GR)
Panel: K. Katsanos (GR), S. Balamuthusamy (USA), J. Ibeas (SP)
17.49-18.49Editor Writing Club by Ziv Haskal (USA)
DAY 2Saturday, June 24th, 2023
08.00-09.15Morbidity & Mortality Cases in Vascular Access
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), P. Kitrou (GR)
A not so Routine Superior Vena Cava Angioplasty
D. Rajan (CA)
Central Venous Catheter Exchange. What Can Go Wrong?
M. Theofanis (GR)
A Series of Unfortunate Events
B. Dolmatch (USA)
Remember the Basics
O. Jaffer (UK)
Loss of Situational Awareness: Graft Thrombectomy
Z. Haskal (USA)
Panel: J. Ho Pei (SG), K. Katsanos (GR), J.M. Abadal (SP)
09.16-10.16The Way Ahead
Moderators: O. Jaffer (UK), N. Inston (UK)
New Generation Grafts for Vascular Access
H. Wasse (USA)
Endovascular Devices in Vascular Access
S. Balamuthusamy (USA)
New Devices in Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula Creation
R. Shahverdyan (DE)
Next Generation Stents
B. Dolmatch (USA)
Drug Therapies in Vascular Access
M. Papasotiriou (GR)
Augmented and Virtual Reality in Vascular Access
J. Ibeas (SP)
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Endovascular Procedures
M. Krokidis (GR)
Panel: A. Kamel (USA), K. Moulakakis (GR), E. Papachristou (GR)
10.17-10.47Company Symposium
10.48-11.18SAVE @ EVA
Moderator: B. Dolmatch (USA)
The Brazilian Multicenter Experience with a Cell Impermeable Covered Stent
T. Baroso (BR)
The Outflow Challenging Reconstruction
L. Cortizo (BR)
Oversized Balloon-Assisted Maturation Technique
L. Harduin (BR)
11.19-11.39Coffee Break
11.40-12.30The Cardiovascular Implications of Hemodialysis Vascular Access
Moderators: Papasotiriou (GR), C. Lok (CA)
The Effects of Vascular Access in Blood Pressure
G. Sengoelge (AU)
The Pathology and Pathophysiology of the Effects of Vascular Access to the Heart
A. Athanasiou (GR)
Hand Ischemia and Steal Syndrome
K. Moulakakis (GR)
Panel: N. Inston (UK), N. Karydis (GR), M. Gallieni (IT)
12.31-13.01Company Symposium
13.02-13.37Guidelines Updates and Initiatives on Vascular Access Treatment
Moderators: D. Goumenos (GR), K. Katsanos (GR)
Vascular Access Guidelines. Global Considerations
C. Lok (CA)
UK Kidney Association Guidelines
N. Karunanithy (UK)
Code: “Fistula”
J. Ibeas (SP)
M. Gallieni (IT)
Panel: H. Wasse (USA), G. Bamichas (GR), D. Petras (GR)
13.38-14.18Lunch Break
14.19-14.49Amazing Interventions
Moderators: D. Karnabatidis (GR), K. Katsanos (GR)
Amazing Result of Far from Amazing Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula
L. Tkalcic (CR)
Access Salvage: Persist, Insist and Dare
P. Filippou
Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula for Deep Venous Arterialization
J. Hull (USA)
Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula rescue for Venous Hypertension
G. Gabbani (IT)
The Unfortunate Impact of Cardiology on Dialysis Patient’s Life-Plan
F. Gryffroy (BE)
14.50-15.40Central Venous Stenosis and Occlusion
Moderators: B. Dolmatch (USA), D. Karnabatidis (GR)
Histopathologic and Hemodynamic Background of Central Venous Disease
J. Ho Pei (SG)
Catheter-Related Central Venous Implications
G. Bamichas (GR)
Crossing the Lesion
J. Ho Pei (SG)
Intravascular Ultrasound as a Tool for Central Venous Stenosis.
A. Justaniah (KSA)
Treatment Options in the Spotlight
P. Kitrou (GR)
Don’t Treat it!
T. Steinke (DE)
Panel: D. Rajan (CA), J. Hull (CA), J.M. Abadal (SP)
15.41-16.11SIRS @ EVA
Moderator: A. Justaniah (KSA)
Central Venous Recanalization: Stent or no Stent
A. Justaniah (KSA)
Central venous angioplasty in patients with cardiac implantable devices 
Y. Al Zahrani (KSA)
Interventional Radiology in Saudi Arabia
A. Justaniah (KSA)
16.12-16.52The Financial Reality of Vascular Access Management
Moderators: P. Kitrou (GR), J.M. Abadal (SP)
Medical Device Regulation in the European Union and its Financial Repercussions
K. Kolasa (PL)
Machine Learning Analytics in Vascular Access. A Tool Towards Cost-Effectiveness?
S. Balamuthusamy (USA)
Financial Analysis of the Use of DCBs in Vascular Access
K. Katsanos (GR)
Cost-Analysis of Covered Stent Use in Vascular Access
B. Dolmatch (USA)
Panel: N. Karunanithy (UK), L. Novosel (CR), F. Gryffroy (BE)
16.53-17.43Peritoneal Dialysis
Moderators: D. Petras (GR), J. Ibeas (SP)
The Surgical Option
N. Karydis (GR)
The Percutaneous Option
Y. Al Zahrani (KSA)
Infections and Optimal Treatment
M. Marangos (GR)
Periprocedural Complications & Treatment
E. Papachristou (GR)
Long-Term Complications & Treatment
G. Georgopoulou (GR)
Panel: C. Lok (CA), G. Sengoelge (AU), H. Wasse (USA)
17.44-18.44Editor Writing Club by Ziv Haskal (USA)